Mirror, imaging reality is a collection of pictures taken and created during a long period of time. They may be optical or digital photography, collages of different kinds, colour or b/w, for serious or for fun. The common denominator for the "Mirror" is that they were all created by me, Amir Rezai.

Mirror is optimized for Firefox 2 or higher and Internet Explorer 5 or higher. It is created to be viewed with a screen resolution of 800 or more pixel in width. Some java scripts are integrated in the site. It contains a large amount of pictures that make modem connections with a speed below 48kb/s the site appear slow.

Persopan is the legal owner of the entire Mirror collection. The company was started in 1989 in Stockholm and is mostly occupied with media and multimedia.

SJF Svenska Journalistförbundet (The Swedish Union of Journalists) are legal advisors and consultants in any controversies.

Buying pictures You can buy my pictures presented on this site. For further information contact me.

Webb usage All pictures are free for private persons to use in web contexts, provided that the photographer s name and web address (mirror.rezai.net) is clearly stated in connection to the picture. Commercial companies need written permit for usage.

Printed matters All sort of exposure of the pictures presented at this site demands written permit. All optical pictures in original size are suitable for printed publication in larger formats. Digital pictures are marked with "digital" and resolution in Mb is taged. Most digital pictures are available in raw format. They are obviously attainable in different sizes. The sizes can be viewed at infi link page by tags.

Free-lance usage av of pictures For free-lance usage of pictures presented at this site, please contact me.

Thanks to: Eva Lindorm who has helped me in many ways. To "Shutterhead" for his theme "Delicious", which has been the basic theme for Mirror, and finally to Pixelpost team for this inspiring application.

- Canon F1
- Canon 5D
- Canon 450D
- Canon G12
- Canon G8
- Olympus Z50

- Canon EF 300/4
- Canon EF 80/2.4
- Canon EF 21/2.4
- Canon EF 100-400/4.5-5.6 USM
- Canon F 24-105/1:4 USM
- Canon F 12-24/3.5 USM

- Flash, Canon 430EX
- Flash, Braun 340 SCA
- Tripod, Manfrotto #168
- Monopod, Manfrotto 497B
- Plustek OpticFilm 7300

- Intel Core i7 920/2.67 GHz
- Windows 7, 12 Gb ram
- WD HD 6 x 1000

- Adobe PhotoShop cs5 ME
- Adobe Illustrator cs3
- Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3.3
- Photo Mechanic 4.5
- Microsoft Expression Media 2
- PTLens
- Noise Ninja 2
- PTGui
- Dynamic-Photo HDR

Where else:
- Persopan
- Mirza, Persianblog
- VoxHybrida, Swedish/English blog
- Flikr
- Photosig

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